AYF Aluma, Gladys Berejiklian, becomes the new Premier of NSW

Tuesday, 24 January 2017
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The Armenian Youth Federation of Australia (AYF-AU) Central Executive and its chapters would like to congratulate long-term Armenian community member and AYF Alumna Ms Gladys Berejiklian on her new role as Premier of New South Wales (NSW) after the resignation of former NSW premier the honourable Mike Baird.

Gladys serves as a fantastic role model not only to members of AYF Australia but to the wider Armenian-Australian community. She has taken on difficult portfolios as the Minister for Transport, where she led the introduction of the Opal ticketing system and following her success deservedly elected as the Treasurer of NSW by her party. Many experts claim the state of NSW is and has never been in such a financially strong and stable position, all being a result of Gladys and her team.

The premier is always a presence within the Armenian community, she has made reference to her Armenian heritage and background on countless occasions. Gladys has always emphasised and made reference to the Armenian Genocide and key issues about Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) during her speeches in Parliament.

Gladys has never been shy to speak publicly about her past involvement as a member of AYF and has spoken previously about the experiences she gained during her time in the AYF as well as the skills that she developed while working for the organisation.

We wish Gladys all the best as Premier of NSW and have no doubt that she will continue to make the Armenian-Australian community proud through her integrity, honesty, hard work & actions and we look forward to working closely with Gladys in the near future.