AYF Pegor Stages Protest Against Denial of Free Speech by Turkey

Wednesday, 22 March 2017
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On the 19th of March at 11:00am, the AYF Pegor Western Sydney chapter staged a Silent Protest in the middle of Sydney’s CBD. The Silent protest was held in Pitt Street for approximately 2 hours and was received well by the general public.

AYF Western Sydney took the opportunity of the Sydney visit of Rakel Dink, the late widow of murdered Turkish-Armenian journalist, Hrant Dink to raise awareness of the suppression of free speech in Turkey.

The Republic of Turkey is one of the leading countries promoting the denial of free speech, and in particular jailing journalists and minority groups. Article 301 in the Turkish Penal code allows the state to persecute individuals who 'insult Turkishness'. Since January 28, 2017, 191 journalists have been imprisoned in Turkey, which hypocritically paints itself as "democratic".

Until Turkeys unjust laws are abolished; AYF Australia members will continue to stand up for journalists, Armenians and all minorities who are persecuted in Turkey.