AYF Pegor Chapter Holds Inaugural Event

Monday, 21 March 2016
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On the 27th of February, the Armenian Youth Federation, Western Sydney “Pegor” Chapter held its first inaugural event commemorating the February Revolt also known as Pedervarian Abstumputuin.  Over 130 members of the Armenian Community in Sydney gathered together at the Armenian Cultural Panoyan Centre to remember its historical importance

The February Revolt was a popular uprising against the Soviets in 1921, supported by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation's (ARF) and spearheaded by General Karekin Njdeh. Enger Shant Kotjian and Engeroohi Talita Berberian on behalf of the Armenian Youth Federation Pegor chapter demonstrated its importance and stated “without the February Revolt it is quite possible that today we would not have an independent Armenia and Artsakh”.


The Armenian Youth Federation, Western Sydney Pegor Chapter also highlighted the importance of Pegor for the youth and community of Western Sydney. Pegor also known as Ashod Goulyan was one of the many Armenian Fedayis who fought for the independence and freedom of Artsakh although being several times. Varich Mosig Injejikian said “The Armenian youth of Western Sydney are the Pegors who will damage the Turkish governments notorious plan” and later passed down a framed Photo of Pegor through every member’s hands, which was placed firm on the walls of the Armenian Cultural Centre.


The night progressed with entertainment from renowned and loved Sydney Armenian Singer Raffy Adourian. The vibrant atmosphere continued throughout the night and continued whilst he delivered amazing renditions of crowd-pleasing hegapookhagan songs.