Sunday, 14 August 2016

The following blog was written by Ungerouhi Garineh Torossian, inspired by our trip to Artsakh during Youth Corps 2016.

The ascent into the mountains of Artsakh evoked the most engulfing warmth i have ever experienced. As you get deeper into the region, it's almost as if you're being embraced and welcomed by a long lost relative. The grass was a touch greener, the flowers more vibrant and the Suns Ray's were slightly warmer.

Every stone perched exactly where it was intended, every leaf hanging in perfect formation. There was a heavy element in the air that i couldn't quite put my finger on until we visited the "Mamik ev Papik" monument. The element of raw and fierce devotion.

The soil and people have become one. Just like the monument,  their heads held high to keep a watchful eye out for any threats, and their bodies rooted deep into the soil. There are no cracks, there are no spaces. The land and Armenian people are one and at peace with one another.

The sense of privilege, pride and appreciation to be standing on land we can claim as ours was so overwhelming. May the thousands of lives lost and the continuous blood shed enable us to all appreciate the soil our soldiers have fiercely protected.

We are our language, we are our culture, we are our religion and we most certainly are our mountains.